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2011-01-06 13:31:04 by L-E-B

im actually getting better at it. i am going to start frame by frame animation since that is whats better. any kinds of animation that you would like to see from me to see my skillz? any posts will be read and i will say which one i will choose.

My tablet came in today!

2011-01-04 21:35:31 by L-E-B

its a bamboo cth-460 and i will need to practice with it for a while before i actually post anything good.


2011-01-03 17:08:40 by L-E-B


I will make a Banner for my Newgrounds page. I will put my three main characters from my animations, the ones that i havent started XD, and i will add Aubergine Forest in it. It all will be done in Flash CS5 since i have no idea how to draw on Photoshop yet... I will need some lessons for that... but anyway, I feel accomplished how im actually uploading my drawing on Newgrounds. Hopefully i will be able to do more drawing after i get a tablet or a Wacom.

I got a lot more drawings

2010-12-01 16:59:05 by L-E-B

I feel like i should update my drawings and put some random ones in there. I have some cool ones and a really epic one. Hopefully i get that done today.

The kill

2010-11-07 23:11:35 by L-E-B

I wrote a story called The Kill and i drew a picture of one scene. you can check out that pic here ( -b/the-kill-storm ). There will be more art coming up if you were wondering.
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My hopes and dreams are crushed...

2010-10-29 02:58:18 by L-E-B

My computer has fried so all my animations are gone. I hoped i had more time to finish off the 10 seconds that i needed... then i would of had an actual flash animation of my own. Well... I don't feel like animating the same shit all over so ill start something else... How about this, There is a new game coming up that is called The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. How about an animation about that... no... i don't know the storyline yet. Maybe if i combine all the zelda games and make a story out of it. yeah that sound good. A story that will connect all the zelda games into one and... wait what am i doing? i cant give out the whole story of my animation yet... i need to write this down somewhere... Well I'm sorry for the little bit of people who wanted to team up with me and create music for my animation but i sadly can get you any work now. I will get started on my animation once i get enough money to get Flash CS5. I heard its really good. Well that is all my update for now.
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2010-10-01 18:35:11 by L-E-B

I have decided to not finish the 10 minute show i started... instead i will make an example of my skills with a toon called "Two little birds" it is a real story... sort of. I have some time but not a lot cause i have to finish reading a book and do a 10 page essay on it...
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2010-09-12 01:37:19 by L-E-B

You have just made my day! i just played happy wheels and its the awesomest game i have played in months! here is a funny moment i saved in my account ! els.php?replayid=127282
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followe me!

2010-09-05 16:04:17 by L-E-B

follow me on twitter so you can know where i am in my first flash! i am trying really hard to make it good!